Arrowhead Adventures! Go See A Game This Year!


Big Matt was right a couple of weeks ago! It is fun to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan  again! How long it will last, I cannot say.  Carpe Diem! Seize the day!

So without further delay, I shall once again force you to endure one of my famous Arrowhead Adventure lists! Unless you have some paint you wish to watch dry, lets give it a go!

1. The crowd is back.

2. Its truly the loudest stadium in the NFL again.

3. The concession food is outstanding.

4. The tailgaiting smells are indescribably wonderful. Grilled meat, that smell of ice when the chest opens, the smell of fall, the wonderful smell of perfume wafting from the girls in the spot next to you. The smell of a beer as you pop the top and blow off the suds. The smell of the root variation is just as enlightening. The smell of the leather ball you toss to an unknown tailgater waiving to alert you to the fact they fought their way  open.  (please add to the list I’m feeling trapped in my cubicle today).

5. The team is playing well, every single game the rest of the year is winnable. The defense is for real.

6. The stadium renovations are incredible from the HD jumbotrons to the AFL historical displays. The parking is five times better than I’ve ever seen it. Restrooms are everywhere.

7. Unseasonably wonderful Missouri fall weather.

8. Opposing teams that come to Arrowhead are intimidated again.

9. The roar of the fans voices and chair backs being slapped is indescribable.

10. The “heeeeeeeere we goooooooooo !” when a running back  finds a hole is back. Remember when Larry Johson would take the ball and run into a pack of five guys for consistent losses? Remember when that ball sailed high in the air and you saw Dante Hall eyeballing it, dancing around in little circles under it? You just knew when that ball blasted  into his arms he was gonna take it all the way for six. Oh ……that’s back too.  On the Monday night game when Charles broke for the red zone, the announcer said “One guy to beat! Touchdown!”. Indescribable joy.

Thats my list gang. Please add more. Like I said I’m feeling cubicled today, I need the boost. One week from Sunday I’ll be sitting in Amen Corner. Oh and I shall have a few choice words for Mr. Bowe when he comes to talk to us before the game.