Haley On The Passing Game


The Kansas City Chiefs have taken a lot of heat recently due to their weak passing attack.

There has been plenty of blame to go around for KC’s ineptness through the air. Some are point fingers at QB Matt Cassel. Others think it’s the receivers. A few are even blaming the play-calling of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis.

Regardless of who is responsible, it is a problem the Chiefs need to fix.

Head coach Todd Haley, however, thinks the Chiefs can rely on their passing game.

“I’ve seen enough from our group to believe that it will be there when neeed,” Haley told reporters yesterday.

Haley specifically pointed to the second half of the Browns game and the entire 49ers game as instances where the Chiefs passing attack was effective.

I think we’ve shown signs of being real good at times – the second half of the Cleveland game, the entire San Francisco game, once we got a couple series in, and there has been other times, due to other circumstance that you could make an argument that we haven’t been good enough,” said Haley.

While I agree with Haley that the passing game has been good at times, it needs to be more consistent. Haley is always saying that he wants the same team to show up every day. For the Chiefs to be a complete team on offense, they need to play more like they did in the 49ers and Browns games. Otherwise, teams are going to force them to be once dimensional.