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Madden 11 Roster Update: More Love For KC


We have been tracking both the real and electronic Chiefs all season and it appears both are improving as the weeks go by.

In the latest Madden 11 roster update, the Chiefs received a few more ratings boosts as a reflection of their performance in Indianapolis. There were some decreases, mostly to the receivers but overall, the reviews are positive.

Let’s take a look at the changes.


Chris Chambers dropped from an 80 to a 77 overall.

Dwayne Bowe dropped from an 84 to an 82 overall. (Way to go butter fingers).

Thomas Jones dropped from an 88 to an 87 overall. (I don’t think this one is very fair. TJ didn’t really get a chance to get going in Indy.

Details after the jump:


Kendrick Lewis increased from 67 to 70 overall. (Pleased with this)

Jon McGraw increased from 68 to 71 overall.

I don’t know about this. Jon McGraw receives perhaps his first Madden ratings boost ever. I think the McGraw should be around 70 or 71 all the time. He is not spectacular but he is consistent and reliable. I am not sure a 3 point jump is deserved for one pick but it got himt o where I think he should have always been so I am not complaining.

Glenn Dorsey increased from 81 to 82 overall. (Deserved)

Tamba Hali increased from 84 to 86 overall. (Much deserved)

Brandon Flowers increased from 89 to 91.

Good for Flowers. He is getting that darn good.

Lastly, even in defeat the Chiefs increased as a team for the second straight week.

Kansas City Chiefs went from a 78 to a 79 overall.

What do you think Addicts? Are these fair? Did they miss anything?