has rele...","articleSection":"Kansas City Chiefs News","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Patrick Allen","url":""}} Picking Against The Chiefs

facebooktwitterreddit has released it’s weekly NFL picks.

How many of the “experts” are picking the Chiefs?

Well, none.

For the second straight week the panel of ESPN analysts have unanimously picked against the Chiefs.

I would have though, after KC’s strong performance against the Colts and Houston horrid performance against the Giants that at least one analyst would have picked the Chiefs.

There seems to be this perception that if a pretty good team gets beat the week before that they will absolutely crush their next opponent because they are “angry.”

I think this idea is absurd. People were saying the Colts were going to be angry and crush the Chiefs and they were wrong.

In my opinion, the Texans have proved that they are an inconsistent team at best. The Chiefs have been pretty much the same in every game. Strong defense, strong running game, strong special teams.

I am very confident the Chiefs will beat the Texans.