Arrowhead Adventures! Favorite Current Player?


Its been about a year or so since I stated on AA that I could not come up with a favorite Chiefs player. The closest I could come was Swamp Thing  Dorsey, and though I felt he was performing statistically, he was setting anyone’s world on fire.

Loyal Addict Mike brought up the subject of all time favorite Chiefs players, always an interesting discussion, but it made me think about my problems with the roster last few years.

Well today that’s changed. Charles, Jones, Cassel, Berry, McCluster, Flowers, Hali, Arenas, Derrick Johnson, Bowe, the list goes on and at this point I had to consider them all.

My choice today? My choice is Matt Cassel.

Before Matt was added to the roster, we had no QB that could stay in a game, and play game after game after game, uninjured and performing well enough to keep the offense a factor.

Matt did this with the same offensive line that the old “musical chair quarterbacks” couldn’t function behind.

Matt may or may not be the future of the KC Chiefs, but he showed us that he can bring a team 11 wins , and he is showing us that the KC Chiefs can be the best in the league at 3-0.

The CHIEFS have been 3-0 to start a season on SEVEN occasions…only once did they fail to make the playoffs (1996). Will my favorite Chief Matt Cassel take us there again?

What about you addicts? What jersey would you wear to a home game? Who is your favorite current Chiefs player?