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My Chief Concerns: Chiefs vs. Colts; The NFL’s Most Intriguing Game Of The Week


(Please excuse me for the brevity of this post, but I am in the middle of trial preparation).

While watching the Colts and Jaguars game I, (like you probably), could not help but feel torn.  I wasn’t really sure if I wanted the Colts to win or lose.  Did we want to face a confident and good Colts team heading into week five if they won, or did we want to face a good and angry Colts team in week five if they lost?

Before the game was over I decided it was best if we faced an angry 2-2 Colts team.  Why? Because of two things: momentum and doubt.  If the Colts lost to a bad Jaguars team, then they have to be doubting themselves.

The normally dominating Colts have been less than so of late.  They are about to face a young, relatively unknown, but well coached Chiefs team that has momentum going in their favor and coming off a bye week.  That has to worry them.  Even Peyton has to wonder if his dynasty is slowly losing its grip on the NFL.  Tony Dungy’s influence is long gone, Bob Sanders is gone (again), Safety Melvin Bullitt is gone, Peyton’s O-line’s confidence is struggling, his receivers are banged up, and his run defense is weak.  There has to be some panic going on in Indianapolis, right?  If they lose to the Chiefs all would be lost, right? Panic would undoubtedly set in for all Colts fans.  Right? Or, conversely should they win (not gonna happen) they would be back in the saddle again.  All would be right in the spoiled Colts fans’ life.  To some extent that is true and to some extent is it an overreaction, obviously.

Should they Chiefs win, (and they have ever chance to do so), many fans (yes, you), critics, NFL pundits, will claim the Chiefs, with the NFL best record, are the best/hottest team in the NFL.  If the Chiefs lose, then those same citizens (yes, you) will proclaim that the Chiefs were pretenders and lucked out over the beginning of the season.  To some extent that is true and to some extent is it an overreaction, obviously.  That is the kind of madness this game will create and that is why this game will be the NFL’s most interesting of the week.  I absolutely cannot wait for this game.  The outcome will set the stage for both franchises for the rest of the year.