Twitter Alert: Weis Has Emergency Gallbladder Surgery


There have been some reports today that Chiefs coach Charlie Weis had some health complications yesterday. Now Shan Shariff of 610 Sports is reporting the Chiefs offensive coordinator had emergency gallbladder surgery.

From Shariff’s twitter:

"NewSchoolSS Shan ShariffI have just learned that Charlie Weiss had an emergency gallbladder surgery early this morning. He was supposed to have it done last night."

"NewSchoolSS Shan ShariffDoctors advised Weiss NOT to coach last night but he insisted on it, coached and had it done this morning. He is out & fine."

Early today, Todd Haley spoke about Weis but he did not get into specifics.

“Health, that’s a family-business deal,” Haley said. “That being said, there is nothing life-threatening, heart attack-related, any of the couple things that have been brought to my attention regarding Charlie. I will make that statement.”

We wish Charlie a speedy recovery. We’ll have more as this develops.