Haley Says Berry Helping Vs. The Run


Source: Yardbarker.com

The consensus seemed to be that while Berry has made some mistakes, particularly in pass defense, that he has looked very good coming up and supporting the run.

Well Todd Haley agreed when asked about Berry’s run defense yesterday at his daily press conference.

“Yesterday I thought he did, again because he was better than he was the week before,” said Haley. “That is our plan for him is that we continue to see progress out of a young player like him. He is eager to learn and he works hard. He is into the team concept so I think there is a lot to look forward to and I am excited for him and all of these young players.”

Though we don’t have the same tape to review as Haley, the head coach said he believes Berry improved upon his Week 1 performance against the Browns.

“I thought that Eric made progress from week one to week two and I am encouraged by that,” said Haley.
“Again, he has a lot of room for improvement also but you are talking about a young guy that is playing a difficult position and I felt that he was a big part of us winning that game.”

The Chiefs were hoping that the addition of Berry would breathe some life into their defense. KC was awful on defense a year ago but through two games at least, it appears the defense is heading for a revival, turning in it’s second straight performance in Cleveland.

“All of those guys that played the heck out of the defense and did a great job of stopping the run and he was a part of that,” Haley said of his players.  “Really for the most part, he did a good job against the pass other than two plays. They had 109 yards on two plays which we just can’t allow to happen. Again, I am just glad that we were able to come out on top in that game. I know that we would have hated to not and then had two of those plays against us because that would be disheartening but I thought Eric has continued to make progress from day one.”