An Open Letter To Chiefs Coach Todd Haley


Dear Coach Haley,

Hi coach. Devoted Chiefs fan here.

First of all, I want to congratulate you on a fantastic victory on Monday Night. Your team played with passion and smarts and it was evident to me that the players were well coached and prepared. They showed discipline throughout the game by avoiding both penalties and turnovers. They showed cool heads when at the end of the game, the defended their endzone and sealed the victory.

Now on to business.

Please end the game playing with Jamaal Charles. I know you are not a stupid man. I know that you and your staff must know that Jamaal Charles is far and away your team’s most dynamic and talented offensive weapon. I know that you must know that the more Jamaal Charles gets his hands on the football, the greater chance you have of getting first downs.

That is why, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why in the name of Lamar Hunt you are splitting Jamaal’s carries with Thomas Jones.

We all love Thomas Jones. We do. Chiefs fans are beyond excited to have him on the team. He brings leadership, experience and talent to the roster. He obviously still has something left in the tank and should be incredibly valuable in short yardage situations and as a change of pace compliment to Charles.

Yes coach. Change of pace back.

I am willing to give you a pass on the carry distribution Monday night because of the weather. I had no problem with the conservative game plan you implemented when the rain started. It worked. The Chiefs won and in the end, your job is to win football games.

That being said, I am warning you, if you continue to give Thomas Jones, who is averaging under 4 yards a carry in the preseason and through one game just as many carries as Jamaal Charles, who is clearly out performing Jones, you stand a chance of losing more than you win.

Coach, we all respect Thomas Jones and there is a place for him on this team but it is disrespectful to Jones and the rest of the team to rob them of the homerun threat Jamaal Charles brings to the Chiefs offense.

Jamaal Charles needs to stay fresh but please, for every touch you give to Thomas Jones, give Jamaal Charles two. If you don’t, folks are going to begin to question your growth as a coach.

You always say that you will play the players that give you the best chance to win. Jamaal Charles gives you the best chance to win. It is so painfully obvious that even the national media is beginning to scratch their head as to why you seem so hell bent on starting Thomas Jones.

There are many people who seem to think you have personal vendettas against certain players. They write that you are immature and vindictive. There are claims that you play head games and alienate your players.

I’ve never met you but you don’t seem like that kind of guy to me. I often defend you to our readers and I can see your growing as a head coach. I am very excited that you are running my favorite football team. Yet this thing with Charles, even I can’t defend.

Do the right thing coach. Prove the doubters wrong. Get the ball to Jamaal Charles.

Good luck in Cleveland. We’re all pulling for you coach.


Patrick Allen