Chiefs Beat The Chargers: Five Pros, Cons


With Paddy out at the game, I wanted to step in and give you guys an instant reaction. Here’s five both positive and negative things about tonight’s upset victory.


  • The handling of Jamaal Charles. 100 yards on 12 touches. Get him the rock and Charles will be in Charge. He proved to me tonight that he is Chris Johnson Midwest.
  • Dwayne Bowe and the receivers. All D-Bowe pretty much did, save one reception, was drop balls. Nobody else even bothered to show.
  • Eric Berry. We need more out of our star rookie safety. Blown-coverage TDs were not what we were expecting.
  • Matt Cassel. Anytime you throw for less than 100 yards — no matter the weather or playcalling — you end up on this list.
  • Charlie Weiss. Run, run, pass isn’t going to cut it. A drunken, drugged-up, hooker-occupied Charlie Sheen could have called that offensive gameplan. Play to win, not not to lose.


  • Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster. That’s what I call getting some “return” on your investment.
  • Tony Meoki looks like our new TE. Now, stay healthy.
  • Glenn Dorsey lets out his inner animal. Where has this guy been the last couple years?
  • Derrick Johnson. Where has this guy been since we drafted him? D.J. looked like the D.J. that took it to the house twice  against Denver to close out last season. Keep it up.
  • Jamaal Charles. 20 touches a game minimum. Feed that man. Only two other players could have made that run — CJ2K and MJD.

What are your positives and negatives from week one, Addicts?