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Paddy’s Chiefs Season Preview


Welcome to my season preview. I turned in my predictions earlier but this is my time to forecast how the Chiefs will perform this season. Your fearless leader, writer of


most things AA, is going to go out on a limb, a very, very long limb on a dying tree and predict that the Kansas City Chiefs will finish…

Well, we’ll get to that.

I think the Chiefs are going to have a season very, very similar to that of the 2008 Miami Dolphins. The 2008 Dolphins were coming off a 1-15 season. They had an average QB, an average to slightly below average defense, a good running game and special teams unit and an easy schedule. Don’t underestimate the power of the schedule. It keeps good teams out of the playoffs (and is sure to do so this year in the NFC) and helps inferior teams sneak in.

I think the Chiefs have all of the same ingredients that helped the 2008 Dolphins sneak in to the playoffs.

Here is how the 2008 Dolphins season went:

Lost first two games. (0-2)
Won two games. (2-2)
Lost two games. (2-4)
Then they hit an easy stretch of their schedule.
Won four. (6-4)
Lost one. (6-5)
Won five. (11-5)

The Dolphins did it with just as much equipment as the Chiefs have now. Their offense wasn’t explosive, only twice scoring more than 30 points. Their QB play was not out of this world. Pennington threw for over 300 yards only once and threw under 200 yards 5 times.

Now lets look at the Chiefs schedule.

Here is how I think it is going to go down:

Split with the Chargers and Raiders (+2, -2)
Sweep Denver. (+2)
Lose to the 49ers, Colts, Texans, Titans (-4)
Beat the Browns, Jags, Bills, Cards, Seahawks,Rams (+6)

Add that up?

Chiefs 2010 regular season record: 10-6

You telling me we can’t beat the Browns, Jags, Seahawks, Rams, Bills and Cards? I know the Chiefs can beat the first 5. As for the Cards, I think Haley is going to have the Chiefs so jacked up to beat his former team that they will pull it off.

Don’t believe me? Did you see how hard the Chiefs played in the Pittsburgh game last year? Did you notice how the Chiefs players swarmed Haley when they won that game? Did you see how fired up Haley was to get that win? Those players knew that game was important to their coach and he let them know it. He’ll do the same the week the Cards are coming to town.

With those six games in the bag, the Chiefs are only 4 wins away from 10-6.

Think they can’t sweep the Broncos? Did you see what they did to the Broncos in last year’s finale? The Broncos have gotten worse and the Chiefs have gotten better. A sweep is very possible.

And finally, a split with the Raiders and Chargers is very possible. The key will be the Chiefs taking care of business on Monday Night Football. They will need to start off 2-0 because I think there is a good chance they lose 3 in a row against Indy, San Fran and Houston before bouncing back.

In closing I might be totally out of my mind. There is no way the season will play out just like I outlined above but I did it to prove to you that there is, in my eyes at least, a believable road to the Chiefs going 10-6. When it is all said and done the Chiefs will win a game they shouldn’t and lose a game they shouldn’t.

But if there was ever a time for the Kansas City Chiefs to turn things around and steal a little magic, this is the schedule to do it with.

Call me a homer but that is my story and I’m sticking to it.