Arrowhead Adventures! Tips For Game Day!


The next preseason game is two days away and the first regular season home game is in two weeks ! Where did the time go, anyway?

As I posted yesterday, I’ll be making that first trip to Arrowhead for 2010 tomorrow. My game partner and I are getting pretty pumped.

Today I thought I slap down some game day tips I’ve developed over the years.

1. Arrive at the stadium much earlier than you think you need too. Two hours before the game starts is a minimum. I arrived at the gates to watch the Chiefs – Green Bay game a couple of years ago one hour before the start, I arrived at my seats in the middle of the second quarter.

2. Take a bottle of water.  A twenty ounce sealed bottled water per person is currently allowed. You can refill it at the water fountains during the game. This simple tip can save you twenty five or thirty bucks during a real scorcher of a game.

3. Take one of those cheap .99 cent ponchos on all but the driest of days. They work very well and are priceless when you need them. Last years first preseason game was a gully washer but my girlfriend and I stayed dry and comfortable.

4. Don’t pay more for a ticket on the Chiefs side. Chiefs fans are everywhere in the stadium, so its no big deal where you sit. This isn’t high school ball.

5. Don’t expect the Arrowhead Stadium of the Martyball era. Its not the loudest stadium in the NFL anymore. It does not hold the record for sell outs. Its not going to be full. It is going to be a great time. And it will return to its former glory soon.

That’s what I can think of today Addicts! Feel free to contribute any tips of your own. Arrowhead Stadium here we come!