Chiefs Release Depth Chart…Not That It Matters *Update


*Update: 5 minutes after I posted this story, Bob Fescoe tweeted that Mays and Belcher ran with the first team today at practice.

The last couple of weeks we have been bringing you the Chiefs depth chart, which has been released every Monday. The chart has mostly remained the same, though there have been some changes at MLB. The Chiefs released another depth chart today and once again, Williams and Mays are back at starting MLB.

For weeks, Todd Haley has been telling us not to pay too much attention to the Depth Chart. Yet we have, debating whether or not Jamaal Charles should be ahead of Thomas Jones and if it really mattered.

Well, it turns out, it doesn’t. We should have been listening to Haley.

Last week, Belcher and Johnson were listed as the “starting” middle linebackers and Thomas Jones was listed as the “starting” running back.

Fast forward to Friday’s game against the Eagles and Jamaal Charles takes the first snap at RB and Williams and Mays take the first series at MLB.

So much for following the depth chart.

In regards to the running back situation, Haley has said that the Chiefs are likely to go with the “hot hand.” If their linebackers continue to play well, they may do the same thing at that position. They very well may run a rotation of Williams, Mays, Belcher, DJ, Vrabel and Studebaker until one of them steps forward and says “You can’t take me off the field. I’m too important.”

Per NFL rules the Chiefs have to release a depth chart but there is no rule that says they need to follow it. For now, we shouldn’t get our facemasks in a knot over the depth chart.

Let’s see what happens on the field.