Madden Roster Update #2


The second Madden roster update came out. While they improved some things about the Chiefs virtual team, they ignored some others that kind of tick me off.

Here are the changes:

Andy Studebaker OLB KC Increase, from 69 to 70OVR

Small increase but at least he has getting noticed. I am ok with this for now.

Brandon Carr CB KC Increase, from 72 to 75OVR

This is abut right. Carr finally gets a decent rating.

Cameron Sheffield OLB KC Increase, from 59 to 60OVR

Haven’t seen much out of Sheffield in the preseason but I am glad his rating went up and thathe is out of the hospital.

Demorrio Williams MLB KC Decrease, from 82 to 79OVR

A couple of days ago I would have said this is just about right but after Demorrio’s performance against the Eagles, I feel like he might be an 82. One game does not a linebacker make but Williams did a nice job Friday night.

Jovon Belcher MLB KC Increase, from 65 to 71OVR

Nice big boost for Belcher. I would say this is very fair given what Jovan has shown so far.

Jake O’Connell TE KC Added


Tim Castille FB KC Added

Double meh.

Brad Cottom TE KC Removed from team (injury)

See you next year Brad.

Mike Cox FB KC Removed from team (too low on depth)

Don’t know about this. The Chiefs have been using Cox quite a bit. Not a make or break move though.

Here is what they didn’t do:

*They still have Eric Berry at FS.
*They still have Page as starting SS…a position he had never played for the Chiefs.
*They have McCluster 5th on the depth chart. Behind Urban and Copper.
*You can’t make McCluster a RB.
*They have Charles and Leggett as the KR/PR.

Come on EA. Get your act together. I have been to the CHiefs roster forums and all this stuff was mentioned and they ignored it all. The thing is, none of the above moves are requests for rating increases. Just getting the depth chart right and getting players in their correct position.