Yesterday I told you that the Chiefs briefly tried DE Bobby Greenwood out ...","articleSection":"Kansas City Chiefs News","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Patrick Allen","url":""}}

Bobby Greenwood Now Officially An Offensive Lineman


Yesterday I told you that the Chiefs briefly tried DE Bobby Greenwood out at RT. Now coach Haley is saying that he is making the move permanent.

"“Bobby Greenwood is officially a meat and potatoes, steak and potatoes guy now. And this is just one of those things that this guy last year learned the meaning of ‘The more you can do.'”"

The Chiefs have really been putting an emphasis on their players being versatile. We’ve seen Barry Richardson flourish as an offensive lineman reserve because he can play multiple positions along the line. Even the Chiefs recent draft seemed to be focused on getting guys who can do more than one thing as we have seen with Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster.

One thing is obvious and that is Haley likes Greenwood.

"“This is a good, hard working kid that cares that does things the way we want them done,” said Haley in his afternoon press conference. “The more we talked about it, like I said, about coach Muir, this guy is a great o-line coach but a great developer of offensive line talent. Just through discussions and maybe some circumstance that subject came up again and we felt, you know, there’s a chance. As far as the kid goes, without going to far into family business, I think, what I tried to be clear to him is, it might be his best chance right now. Now that doesn’t mean it can’t change, you know tomorrow something could happen and he’s back over there so the more you can do, he’s living that right now and he’s head first in. He isn’t a toe tester he isn’t checking out the water to see if it’s cold or not. He’s head first and I think after a couple of practices everybody feels pretty good about what he’s doing.”"

The Chiefs can certainly use depth at offensive line. Let’s hope Bobby Greenwood might be a pleasant surprise this season.