Training Camp Adventures! Was The Move To St Joe A Mistake?


Well folks I’m back from my second Kansas City Chiefs training camp session in St Joe. When the Chiefs announced they would be moving training camp back to Missouri, I was as happy as anyone to hear the news. As I drove home from camp Monday night, I couldn’t shake a feeling of dread.

Chiefs training camp is ranked the second hottest in the league. First, I believe is the Houston Texans. Factor in the humidity, and the Chiefs move to first in my opinion.

At this point I ask….whats the purpose?

Throw out the entertaining but purposeless preseason games, and you find that KC won’t be playing regular season games in these conditions.

The cost?

It became obvious to me the first day I attended, that many of the drills and scrimmages are geared toward fan entertainment. I do not believe its to far a stretch to say that moving the camp to Missouri has the fan in mind as well. It’s no secret that Arrowheads stomach has been growling that it’s empty for the last couple of seasons, no doubt moving camp to Missouri will spike fan interest, and hopefully in turn put asses in seats. But the cost could be more than KC is willing to pay.

Outside drills  slow to a crawl after about fifteen minutes in the unbearable heat and humidity. The intensity necessary to prepare for an NFL level of play simply is not there in my opinion.

Sure they move some of the drills to the indoor facility. SOME of them. Less than half it appears. Which means that our players are missing out on more than half of the full intensity workouts the other NFL teams rely on  to prepare them for the upcoming season.

What was River Falls weather like? Well I have never been to River Falls, but my recollection of the Hard Knocks episode that focused on the Chiefs , did not reflect the  hazardous conditions St. Joe offers now.

What do you think folks?  Was the move to St Joe a mistake or a step forward?