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No Johnson/Williams Combo For The Chiefs


Todd Haley has shed a little bit of light on his plans for inside linebacker position. They don’t include Demorrio Williams and Derrick Johnson playing side by side.

One could argue that Williams and Johnson are the Chiefs 2 best inside backers. Yet according to Haley, it isn’t likely they will be on the field at the same time.

“I would say that would be more unlikely for that scenario to happen,” Haley said.

Williams and Johnson both play weak side inside backer. The Chiefs want their strong side inside backers to be more of the hard hitting type and while Johnson is heavier than all the inside backers except for Mays, Haley doesn’t see him as that type of linebacker.

“That inside strong linebacker is taking on big bodies much of the time and has to be much more of a downhill player,” Haley explained. “(Derrick and Demorrio) are not the image that you, as a coach, have in your head as an inside strong-side backer in the 3-4. It’s no issue with them; it’s that you need a little bigger body to hold up to the pounding.”

It looks like it is down to DJ vs. Williams and Belcher vs. Mays.

I for one am rooting for DJ and Belcher. DJ has more play making ability and though he is young, Belcher couldn’t possibly be worse than Mays was last season.

Who are you rooting for Addicts?