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The Chiefs Offense Is In The Crapper


Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Maurice Carthon has a very…er…unusual drill he is putting the Chiefs receivers through.

According to Don Banks at SI.com, it is called the Port-a-Potty drill.

How does it work?

A Chiefs receiver, let’s say, Dwayne Bowe, walks over to the sideline porta-john, goes inside and shuts the door.

Another player, let’s say Chris Chambers suddenly swings open the door as Matt Cassel fires a pass at the port-a-potty door.

The goal of the drill is to help the receiver concentrate and be able to react even of he can’t see the ball when it leaves the QB’s hand.

For a team that lead the league in drops last season, I guess anything is worth a shot. I don’t imagine those toilets smell very good in the 100 degree Missouri heat. Talk about learning how to focus.

A source has informed me that Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is often seen leaving the toilet with a newspaper under his arm and an empty bag of Taco Bell just before Carthon makes the Chiefs run these drills.

I wonder if the receivers have to retrieve the ball if they drop it in the dish? Better hang on to that pass D-Bowe!