Kendrick Lewis Added To Madden 11


When the Chiefs Madden ratings came out, safety Kendrick Lewis wasn’t even included on the roster.

Some people are hard on the folks at EA sports and I suppose some of that criticism is warranted but can’t imagine it is easy to keep track of every single player in the NFL. Though missing actual drafted players is kind of lame.

Anyway, I snagged an early copy of Madden 11 yesterday and upon first popping it in there was still no Kendrick Lewis. Kolby Smith was also still on the roster.

This morning when I sat down to play there was a roster update available and Lewis was added, along with Reshard Langford.

Lewis comes in with a rating of 66. He sits on the depth chart behind Page (78) and ahead of McGraw (74). They have Langford (64) backing up Berry (84) at the FS position.

As far as I can tell, the Chiefs have Berry working out at the strong safety position so Madden has it backwards here. Unfortunately, if you switch Berry to SS in the game his rating drops to

Hopefully the folks at Madden can figure out what position the #5 pick in the draft plays before the game’s official release this week.

Anyone else snag an early copy? Thoughts?