Practice Update


I have got bits and pieces of practice information coming in. Someone, and I don’ t know who, sent a ton of photos from their cell phone. Whoever you are, thank you!

* The positive reviews of Bowe continue. I have read a couple reports that he made a nice catch in the endzone.

* Brian Waters is still in the rehab zone. He has an injury but it is not believed to be serious.

* The Chiefs ran some more Wildcat today. Haley said in yesterday’s press conference that part of the reason the team is running the formation is because they want to expose the defense to it. I am sure the Chiefs will run a little Wildcat this year but I doubt it is going to be something they rely on. They are showing way to much of it for it to be an effective surprise during the season.

* I read that the defense shut down the offense during red zone drills. This is to be expected to some degree. The defense usually starts out ahead of the offense. That still didn’t stop coach Haley from making the offense run after Cassel was sacked and failed to get rid of the ball.

I will have more on practice as information comes in. Until then, enjoy some readers submitted photos after the jump.

Again, a very special thanks to the mystery person who provided today’s pictures. Please identify yourself in the comments so we may thank you properly.