Arrowhead Addict’s Tribute To Raiders Fans


You ever find yourself trapped in the tangled web that is Youtube? You start watching one video and then something else interesting catches your eye. You click on that and before you know it you are watching something that has absolutely nothing to do with the video you started on.

That happened to our own Zach Best today. Zach started off watching an educational video about erectile dysfunction and before he knew it he was watching a Raiders fan getting handcuffed.

Thus, Zach suggested to me that we run a series honoring the Oakland Raiders fan.

Anyone can be a Raiders fan. You see them everywhere. In the backs of squad cars, on America’s Most Wanted and even in gangster rap videos.

So as we enjoy preseason, we are going to celebrate the a series of Oakland Raiders fans that we feel best represent Raider Nation. Enjoy!

And you know the drill folks. When the Raiders trolls show up, ignore them. It will make making fun of them all the more enjoyable. =)