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Ceiling Set For Berry


The Redskins announced this morning that they signed the 4th overall pick, Trent Williams to his rookie contract. This should make things for Eric Berry’s agent and Scott Pioli much easier. If the reports of the 2 sides being close are true, then the Williams signing should move them even closer.

The big question is, will a deal be done in time to get Berry on the practice field this afternoon?

My thought is that it isn’t likely. Hopefully Berry is in Kansas City ready to race to St. Joseph’s as soon as the deal is done. When he gets there, however, he will still have to do his weigh in and conditioning test before getting on the practice field.

My bet is that Berry gets signed sometime today, arrives in St. Joe’s and gets his weigh in and conditioning test taken care of. He will practice tomorrow.

Then again, there is the slight possibility that the deal is already done and we just haven’t found out yet. If that is the case, there is a chance the 1st round pick is on the field today. Either way, the outlook is good.

Interviews with Trent Williams and Eric Berry are after the jump:

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