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Chiefs Face Conditioning Test Today


Let’s go camping!

The Chiefs will arrive in St. Joseph today to get settled in for training camp. But before they get on the bus, they are going to have to pass Todd Haley’s conditioning test in Kansas City.

Players who fail the conditioning test will not be able to participate in training camp practices. They will be relegated to “No Man’s Land” on the sideline. Out of shape players are forced to do difficult and ridiculous exercises while their teammates practice and compete for roster spots. Players are not able to return to practice until they pass the test.

What is the conditioning test?

From what I gathered from a Matt Cassel interview a couple of days ago, the test consists of sprints from the goal line to the 50 and back. Each player has to compete 3 repetitions and they must do so under a certain time limit.

The players are split in to position groups. According to Cassel, it breaks down something like this:

Mids: (Players like Cassel) must complete the exercise in 58 seconds.

Skill: (Guys like Bowe and Charles) must complete the exercise in 54 seconds.

Big Men: (Guys like Waters and Dorsey) must complete the exercise in around 62 or 63 seconds.

Last year, a couple of guys like Glenn Dorsey failed to pass the test. This year, however, most of the roster should be aware of what is expected of them. Out of roughly 80 players, someone is bound to fail. Let’s just hope it isn’t anyone important.