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Twitter Alert: Herm Is Behind Cassel


A couple of notes from he world of Twitter and the radio. The Chiefs are staging “takeovers” on 101.1 the Fox and 810 this morning. Be sure to tune in. Mitch Hothus and Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt were on 101.1 moments ago. Dustin had something inspiring to say. What you ask? Well that bit of info is only available on AA’s Twitter account. Follow us on Twitter or you aren’t getting the full AA experience.

Speaking of Twitter, former Chiefs Herm Edwards used the platform to get behind Matt Cassel this morning while taking questions from fans.

"HermEdwardsESPN Good year.RT @js704TOS: @HermEdwardsESPN What kind of year do you predict for Matt Cassel"

What do you think Addicts? Kiss of death or validation from an authority?