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Haley Thinks Chiefs Are “Light Years Ahead” Of 2009


The Kansas Chiefs are on a media blitz today.  They have been staging “takeovers” on 101.1 The Fox and 810 WHB all day long, breaking in with interviews with players, coaches and front office personnel.

Earlier today, coach Todd Haley was on 810 and he mentioned that he thinks the Chiefs are mush better than they were at this time last offseason.

“We’re light years ahead of where we were last year at this time,” said Haley.

He also admitted to having trouble due to the fact that he was hired so late last season.

“Last year was a bit chaotic from the start. When you start to put things together as late as we did you know it is going to be a tough road.”

I can’t blame Haley for mentioning how crazy things must have been last offseason. It can’t be easy to take over a struggling program late in the offseason. Haley had a lot of things to deal with last season. It wasn’t pretty but the foundation was laid and now it is time for the Chiefs young players to set up and become leaders.

“And I said this a bunch in the offseason and I will say it again. To be a good team and to be a consistent team in the league you MUST develop your young players. You must.”

“They need to take the next step. There is good leadership on the team.”

Haley is right. Only so many holes could be filled in free agency and the draft. It is time for guys like Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr and Jovan Belcher to make their mark.

Haley left the interview inviting the Arrowhead faithful to visit the team in camp

“All the fans out there, come up (to camp)  and get to know the Kansas City Chiefs.”