New Murals At Arrowhead


Remember folks, if you are only visiting the AA main page you are only getting part of the AA experience. The Addict Forums have been heating up in recent weeks thanks to a handful of dedicated Addicts who are cementing their status as AA All Pros.There is a whole other conversation going on over there and you should be sure to check it out.

Remember, as a reward for being active in the forums you will receive special badges. You can move your way up from a “Draft Prospect” to a “Rookie” to a “Veteran” and so on. After a time, you may one day reach “Legend” status.

Currently we have some prospects and a few rookies. I am anxious to see who will be the first ever AA forum veteran. Of course, I won’t ever release how many posts that will take because it would take all the fun out of it.

AmericanwolfX gave AA a huge hookup with some exclusive shots of the new murals inside Arrowhead stadium.

Head over to the Addict Posts to check out the shots and a very special front page props to Americanwolfx!

Good work my friend.