Chiefs Pass On Unga In Supplemental Draft


The Chicago Bears drafted Unga and the Cowboys take DE Brent Price in today’s NFL Supplemental Draft.

The Bears got Unga with the 12th pick in the 7th round and the Cowboys nabbed Price with the 30th pick in the 7th round. Both will forfeit their 7th round picks in the 2011 NFL Draft.

We know the Chiefs did not place a bid on Unga because they would have picked before the Bears, who won 7 games. KC would have been included in the front part of the lottery with the teams that had 6 wins or less. Pioli must not have thought Unga was worth a draft pick.

I am ok with this. The Chiefs will have more options in the draft next year. No need to give up a pick now for a guy that probably won’t get on the field this season. Plus I am still holding out hope for Jackie Battle.