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Bowe Running His Mouth Again But In A Good Way


Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe likes to open his mouth, usually to insert his foot. This time, however, I like what Bowe has to say. has some quotes from Bowe from when he was at the Hyvee/Sanford Legends Football Camp last month. It appears that Bowe is getting comfortable in Charlie Weiss’ offense and that he is hoping for a Chiefs playoff run in 2010.

"“Definitely feeling way comfortable, second year and he’s more comfortable with Charlie Weiss’ offense because he was at New England with him and me and Matt have been on fire this camp.” Bowe said."

"“He brought in Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weiss…I mean, that guy’s offensive mind, he’s dangerous man. This whole mini-camp and OTA’s we’ve been clicking like crazy” Bowe said."

It is nice to hear Bowe talking about winning football games instead of making cringe worth comments that cast him in a bad light. Let’s hope Bowe continues to stay focused throughout the 2010 season.