Arrowhead Adventures! Bowe Gots Ta Go!


I remember being excited when the Chiefs picked Bowe in the draft. He seemed like a good kid.  A young man who had overcome a dysfunctional childhood. Similar to Brandon Albert, Dwayne had not become involved in organized sports of any kind until his junior year in high school. I had heard a rumor that a beating in a bar had prompted Dwayne’s new found interest.

Bowe had been a great college player at a university with a great football program. My mind seems to recall somewhere that Nick Saban had become invovled in his recruitment? Red flag number one.

I enjoyed his appearances on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Nothing made me think he would be anything but an asset to the team.

Bowe did very well his first couple of years in KC. I was becoming more and more excited about this young player.  “He was a diamond shining in the proverbial goats butt” of a dysfunctional KC Chiefs team as they say.

Then an odd thing happened.

As I reported to AA from the stands, I started to get some negative feedback on Dwayne. He couldn’t seem to hang on to the ball.  At the time that was not a necessary skill to be a KC Chief, but it was for sure a skill required to have any kind of a future in professional football. We here at AA overwhelmingly scratched our heads but threw our support behind “The Show”. He was a young kid we said, we need to give him some time.

Well, now Bowe has had some time.  And in my opinion, its time he “pursued opportunities elsewhere”.

Some of the holdovers from the Herm Edwards era deserve more time to develop. Brandon Albert and Glenn Dorsey are a couple of young draft picks that I feel were about the only positives left over from that era. They still bring to Arrowhead winning attitudes and good solid work ethics.

Dwayne Bowe brings a rotten work ethic and and even worse attitude.

In my opinion his suspension for league drug violations should have been his last chance. His recent comments and subsequent denial of those comments regarding training camp Sodom and Gomorrah stories make me think that KC Chiefs management should buy Bowe a bus ticket, a new suit of clothes, and send him on down the NFL super highway.

I’m a tailgater by trade guys. I’ve got the attention span of a hamster when it comes to player issues. I’m likely to change my mind tomorrow, hell, I might change it this afternoon depending on how AA commentary goes.

What do you say Addicts? Time to put “The Show” on the road?