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Bowe Takes 12 Days Off From Workouts



I just read two things about Dwayne Bowe that simultaneously made me happy and infuriated.

We’ll start with the good. Bowe is currently attending WR Larry Fitzgerald’s summer workouts for NFL players. The workouts, held at the University of Minnesota, enable the pros to keep and shape and also work with former NFL greats Chris Carter and Michael Irvin.

I was reading an article about this at and I was super excited that Bowe was taking his offseason workouts seriously, until I got to this part:

"Bowe made his first appearance at the camp on Thursday and he received some tough love from Carter and Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin. Bowe, who said he took 12 days off from workouts, struggled with his conditioning as the players ran 14 100-yard sprints and then four 50-yard runs.“Can you imagine your first day coming back to 14 100s?” Bowe said. “Man, it was like college again. I’ve never done this intensive competing, conditioning and technique in one day.”"

I don’t have a copy of Todd Haley’s July instruction sheet but I venture to guess it doesn’t say anything about taking nearly TWO WEEKS off from workouts. Especially guys that showed up fat and out of shape last offseason.

Anyone have any idea what the hell is wrong with Dwayne Bowe?