To Go To Premium Access


Ever since I became a Chiefs fan, I have been reading Bob Gretz. Bob wrote for back when it was pretty much the only Chiefs site on the internet.

As I have become a part of the online Chiefs community and blogosphere, I have had the chance to interact with Bob on a couple of occasions. He is a really great guy and has given me advice as well as an exclusive interview, merely because he is a nice guy.

Bob has been a great resource not only for Arrowhead Addict but other Chiefs sites around the net. After his stint at ended, he opened up If you read AA then you know we link to nearly every day in our “Morning Fix” segment. Along with AA and Arrowhead Pride, Bob’s site is one of the most reliable sources of Chiefs content out there.

Tonight Bob posted that as of August 1, will shift to a subscription package. Not all the content will come at a cost but much of the in depth coverage will require a subscription.

The subscription will last for the length of the Chiefs season and will cost $25 a season if purchased before August 1.

Bob needs to do this to keep his site up and running. I know I will be getting a subscription and I just want to wish Bob the best of luck with this big change.