Hot Tub Time Machine: Chiefs Style


I watched the movie Hot Tub Time Machine on demand last night and I have to say, it was pretty damn funny. The movie knew exactly what it was and didn’t pull any punches. It isn’t Shakespeare but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

The premise is that a few middle aged guys unknowingly getting in to a hot tub time machine and go back in time to one particular weekend near the end of their high school careers. As in all time travel movies, they get the chance to see what would have happened if they made different choices.

This morning, I thought it would be fun to play a little hot tub time machine right here on Arrowhead Addict.

On the first day of free agency back in March, the Chiefs roster looked a lot different. There was no Eric Berry, no rookies at all actually, no Ryan Lilja, and no Casey Weigmann.

There was also no Chris Chambers.

Chambers, a free agent, was no longer under any obligation to play for the Chiefs. Addict Nation was a bit nervous as all the Chiefs were left with at WR was the inconsistent and unreliable Dwayne Bowe and well…no one. Signing Chambers was priority #1.

But not for the Chiefs. Before they resigned Chambers, Pioli and company made a play for then Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin. Boldin would have been a perfect fit in KC as he played under Chiefs coach and former Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

As the minutes ticked away, it became clear that the Chiefs and the Ravens were the two teams left trying to acquire Boldin. The rumored asking price was a 3rd round pick and the Chiefs owned a higher 3rd rounder than the Ravens. Things looked good.

In the end, it was the Ravens who were wiling to give up more. They coughed up not only their 3rd rounder but a 4th rounder as well. In return, they got a 5th round pick from the Cardinals.

Scott Pioli, who had many holes to fill on the Chiefs roster, did not want to give up an extra pick to get Boldin. Presumably, had he offered the same package as the Ravens, the Cardinals would have accepted, given the Chiefs higher drafting slot.

After missing out on Boldin, the Chiefs resigned Chambers and drafted Dexter McCluster in the 2nd round to be their slot receiver.

But what if they hadn’t? What if Pioli would have beat out the Ravens and acquired Boldin?

Hope in your hot tub time machine or your DeLorean, get up to 88 miles per hour and lets go back in time!

To acquire Boldin Pioli would have likely had to make 1 of 2 moves. He would have had to offer the Chiefs 3rd and 4th round picks or one of the teams 2nd round picks. Remember, the Chiefs had an extra 2nd round pick because of the Tony Gonzalez trade.

Scenario 1: 3rd and 4th round pick, receive 5th rounder

Had the Chiefs given up their 3rd and 4th rounder, they would have acquired Boldin before the draft.

Would they have resigned Chambers?

Let’s say they do resign Chambers. They now have a group of talent veteran WR’s for at least the next couple of year. Chances are they pass on Dexter McCluster and get some more immediate help at other positions.

Who? Let’s take a look. Here are a few players taken after McCluster the Chiefs could have snagged:

Torrell Troup (DT)
Sergio Kindle (DE) Would have played OLB for KC
Daryl Washington (LB)
Taylor Mays (S)

Some interesting possibilities there.

This scenario also means the Chiefs would have been without 3rd and 4th round picks, meaning no Jon Asamoah and no Tony Moeaki (the Chiefs traded their 4th rounder and a 5th to move up to get Moeaki at the end of the 3rd round.

The Chief also would have likely gotten Arizona’s 5th round pick (selection 157). The Ravens took DT Arthur Jones with this pick. The Chiefs could have nabbed:

Matt Tennant C
Riley Cooper WR
Kerry Meier WR
Brody Eldridge TE
Dan LeFevour QB

Thus in this trip back in time, the changes would look like this:

WR’s: Boldin, Bowe, Chambers, Urban

2010 Draft Class:

Eric Berry
Mays, Washington, Troupe, Kindle or ?
Javier Arenas
Kendrick Lewis
Cameron Sheffield
Some random end of the 5th round or early 6th round guy

Kind of sparse, no?

Scenario 2: 2nd round pick.

In this scenario, the Chiefs would have given up their extra 2nd round pick received from the Atlanta Falcons for Tony Gonzalez.

That means no Javier Arenas.

That would mean that if the Chiefs really believed the nickel was a priority, they would have had to use their 3rd round pick on a CB instead of Jon Asamoah. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a ton of CB talent available at that point. There was a run on CB’s in the 2nd round. To start the 3rd round, 3 straight CB’s were taken before the Chiefs took Asamoah.

Had the Chiefs gotten Boldin with a 2nd, they would likely have Maurice Leggett and Donald Washington battling it out for the nickel slot in training camp. This would mean that the Tony Gonzalez trade only netted the Chiefs the 29 year old Anquan Boldin.

Ok, folks. Now that we are back here in the future, let me know what you think. How could have things played out? Do you favor one of my scenarios or none? Do you have one of your own?

Sound off!