My Chief Concerns: Great Expectations


I suspect you agree that the following two scenarios are unlikely.  Despite the same, I would be interested in knowing which scenario you would find the most surprising:

Scenario Number One:  The Chiefs start the season 5-0.


Scenario Number Two: The Chiefs start the season 0-5.

My answer: 0-5.  I know, I know, we play the Chargers, Colts and Texans in the first five games and it is not likely we take those five games, but what is even less likely is that we lose all of them.  Am I right?

We all know the arguments as to why we are going to be better this year:  new stud RB, new O-linemen, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, new top five (5) safety, continuity, etc. All of our guest writers and you yourself have made the same arguments.

I would like to add that the Chiefs are going to be better this year because of expectations; great expectations.  We expect to be better this year.  The coaches expect the players to play better, and the players expect the coaches to game plan better.  Everyone is on board this year (save Jarrad Page).  This was not the case last year.

Last year the Chiefs had a new regime, a late start from said new regime, traded away our beloved Gonzo, had disgruntled veterans in Waters and Vrabel (allegedly), uncertainty as to scheme, and very low overall expectations.  Pioli himself did not believe in the team when he got to KC.  Remember all of his comments regarding patience?  Did I mention we fired our offensive coordinator and threw out the playbook right before our first game against Baltimore?  What could one expect? Not much.

So with that in mind I would be more shocked to start the season 0-5 than 5-0.  It is all about expectations, great ones.  Am I a homer?  Hell yes I am a homer, but a realistic one at that!