AA Evening Post: Tyler Thigpen finally getting to work on his fundamentals


This is a cool story. I would love to see Thigpen perfect his mechanics and make it in the league. He was a lot of fun to watch and he was one of the only things that made the 2008 season bearable.

"From The Daily Dolphin: “When I came in last year, right from the first day I came out to practice, coach Lee was like, Have you ever gotten any coaching from a quarterback coach?” Thigpen said Friday morning while warming up for a round of golf as part of Fins Weekend at Fairmont Turnberry Isle in Aventura.“He was telling me I had so much more to work on in regard to my fundamentals. When I came in at midseason last year he didn’t have time to work with me. So he’d come over before practices and say, ‘Hey, work on this today.’ So I had to learn on the fly.“So when you’ve got bad habits, and you don’t get a whole lot of time to practice them, you’re going to continue to revert back to those habits. But I’ve had time this offseason to work on my fundamentals each and every day I’ve been out there, so it’s helped me out a lot.”"