McNeil, Jackson, Calling San Diego’s Bluff


Yesterday I told you that two Charger Pro Bowlers, LT Marcus McNeil and WR Vincent Jackson, were threatening to hold out for the season if they are not offered long term deals.The Charger reportedly threatened the two players with salary cuts if they failed to sign by June 15th.

Well, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, McNeil and Jackson plan to call San Diego’s bluff by sitting out the entire 2010 season if necessary.

"Not only will McNeill and Jackson not sign the current or reduced tender, they do not plan to report for the start of training camp and quite possibly well beyond, according to league sources.Each player wants a long-term deal befitting the salaries of some of the top players at the position. Neither plans to sign his tender anytime soon."

If the McNeil and Jackson sit the season out it will be a big blow to the Chargers. I think San Diego will still be a good team as they are loaded with talent but it is important to never underestimate the contribution of your stars.

Remember what happened to the Chiefs offensive line when Wilie Roaf retired?

Given these developments and the fact that KC’s own Jarrad Page also appears ready to sit out the season, I wanted to pose a question to all of you.

Technically, the Chiefs and the Chargers are not doing anything wrong in these situations. They are playing by the agreed upon rules of restricted free agency. These players are without leverage. If they refuse to sign they will not be able to play in 2010 and they will remain restricted free agents in 2011.

An argument can be made for both sides. I want to know what you think? Should the Chiefs and Chargers pony up and pay their players what they’ve earned, even though the rules state that they can get another year out of them for less? Or should the players shut up, take their millions of dollars and play it out?

Sound off!