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Restricted Free Agents Playing Hardball


We told you a couple of weeks ago that Jarrad Page has until June 15th to sign his restricted free agent tender or he will risk having his offer rescinded and reduced by the Chiefs.

Since Arrowhead is on lock down these days, we haven’t been able to confirm if the Chiefs extended their tender offer to Page this June but since we haven’t heard anything, they probably did. Had the team not extended Page’s offer, he would be an unrestricted free agent and his agent would be sure that that news got out as soon as possible.

Page obviously thinks he deserves more than his tender offer and it appears he is going to hold out until the bitter end. If the Chiefs and Page’s agent don’t come up with a new contract, Page either has to sign on for what he is being offered or sit out the entire season. If he does that, he will be a restricted free agent again next year.

Chiefs division rival, the San Diego Chargers, are having their own problems with restricted free agents. WR Vincent Jackson and LT Marcus McNiel are holding out as well and the Chargers are threatening to slash their pay if they don’t sign by the June 15th deadline.

From ESPN.com:

"According to the newspaper, Jackson’s salary would be slashed from $3.268 million to $583,000 if he doesn’t sign by next week, and McNeill’s pay would drop from $3.168 million to $600,000.Sources told the Union-Tribune the agents for both players recently informed the team that Jackson and McNeill would stay away from the team for “some time” if they were sent the letters.And the Union-Tribune, citing sources familiar with the thinking of the players, reported the two were prepared to sit out regular-season games, and perhaps boycott the entire 2010 campaign."

The Chiefs need Jarrad Page but not as much as the Chargers need Jackson and McNiel. While I hope something gets worked out with Page, I would be totally fine if Jackson and McNiel decided to sit out the entire 2010 season. They are stupid if they do but a hold out will make the Chargers a worse football team and that I am fine with.

P.S. Merriman is holding out too.