Arrowhead Adventures….Chiefs vs Rams!!!!


Football fans in Missouri have two basic choices. St Louis Rams or Kansas City Chiefs. As a lifelong resident of Missouri, its never been a difficult choice for me.

The Chiefs play the Rams in a regular season game this year, so I’m excited to have an extra regular season game to attend. This fact focused my attention to the blessings we have as Chiefs fans , blessings that St Louis has not.

The Chiefs have been in Kansas City as long as they have been the Chiefs. The Chiefs are our own, and have never belonged to anyone else. The Rams just never seemed to belong to St Louis, even during the Superbowl years.

Arrowhead Stadium is an awesome place, the NFL Network placed it as #5 on their list of home field advantages. Some of the reasons listed were volume and fan loyalty.The tailgating is the best in the league.

St Louis? Well for your ticket you get a nice warm dry sterile seat in a nice new stadium, complete with noise absorbing material lining the ceiling. The parking is broken up into uncountable small lots, about as welcoming and exciting as a warm beer on an August afternoon. The tailgating sucks.

I like to wear my Chiefs jersey when I travel, and wherever I go I’m met with knowing smiles and nods. At Soldier feel one Native American fan smiled and said “I’ll always root for the bears, but I’m always happy when the Chiefs win”.

Wear a St. Louis Jersey to Dallas, and they probably won’t even know what team it represents.

We both have a Superbowl win and  a Superbowl loss, but ours are more fondly remembered by NFL fans.

We both had Dick Vermiel.

The last three seasons we both sucked. The Rams sucked worse.

The BBQ in St. Louis doesn’t even compare, What is “St Louis Style BBQ” anyway?

When the annual “Governors Cup” is in St Louis, my Chiefs jersey and my Chiefs attitude is met with a total lack of emotion. Team loyalty in St Louis has reached a sadly low level since the Cardinals left town. St. Louis fans start each season wondering if it will be the last year they have an NFL team.

Kansas City? We all know the Chiefs aren’t going to be the Chiefs anywhere but Kansas City.

So what do you think Addicts? Lets hear it! What do the Chiefs have that the Rams fans only dream about?