Marriage is like a good football team.


I’m not sure how. I’ve spent the entire morning trying to think of parallels between marriage and a football team, and I can’t think of any. But maybe it’s because I’m not clever enough. I welcome anybody to post parallels between marriage and a football team in comments.

“You build from the trenches out,” maybe? Gross…


Sorry for my absence, but it must continue. For The Crock Pot has been preparing for and is finally getting hitched as of tomorrow, May 30th. Then it’s down to Mexico for the honeymoon. I plan on spending all my time scrubbing oil off dolphins, warding back druglords, and bringing illegal immigration to an end. While also finding time to sip really fruity drinks on a resort. But I assure you, I will be drawing depth charts on my drink napkins.

Then I’ll be back to harrass you all again with how much dumber you are than me. And I’ll still be waiting on Paddy to honor his end of my victorious wager. If he dares to do it while I’m on honeymoon, the onus is on you to give him hell.

Signing off as a bachelor for the last time!