Paging Jarrad Page!


I love Todd Haley.  He has his quirks, and I would not want to be on his bad side, but he has passion unlike any head coach of recent year.  Who doesn’t love that?

Does he play favorites?  Absolutely he does.  He favors players who favor his system.  He loves teammates who buy into the scheme, the energy, and the belief which he and Pioli are selling over at The New Arrowhead”.  You’re either with him, or against him.

This leads me to Mr. Page.  Can anyone explain to me why Mr. Jarrad Page has not signed his tender? He is not extension worthy, is he? He is apparently getting no looks from any other teams.  In fact, I would argue if some team offered him a contract for just one dollar more than his tender, I am not sure the Chiefs would match it.

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At this point Mr. Page, and only Mr. Page, is alienating himself.  He is certainly not buying into the system, which also appeared to be the problem a year ago.  You may remember last year when he lost his starting job to Jon McGraw (He was a healthy scratch against the Chargers).  So apparently he was in someone’s dog house for whatever reason.  (There were also rumors that Haley was unhappy with the fact that Page was “doggin it” or would not play through injury, actually Haley said so after the Chargers game when speaking about Jon McGraw starting the Chargers game.  Page may have even been placed on IR as a result.  It is a safe assumption considering he was listed as a healthy scratch and then on IR soon thereafter).

In any event, does anyone know what injury he has/had?  I am not sure.

The longer Page waits the more likely he gets cut.  Am I right?  In fact, I would not be shocked if he is cut prior to training camp.  Would you?