More Trouble Could Be Coming For Bowe



I said I wouldn’t get into this story anymore unless something

significant happened. Well, nothing has happened yet but I have seen 2 reports in the last hour and a little dot connecting tells me Bowe may be about to get caught in a lie.

Bowe has been trying to hide from the media since last week  and it appears they finally caught up with him today at the Chiefs OTA practice.

When asked about his comments to ESPN The Magazine, Bowe said he was misquoted. We don’t have the full report of what Bowe said yet as it is forthcoming but we do have the following Teet from Kansas City Star Reporter Kent Babb:

"Also, Dwayne Bowe addressed reporters today and explained his side of the “importing” scandal. In short, he said he was misquoted."

"Bowe didn’t elaborate on which part he was misquoted on. I’ll have a full transcript up on Red Zone in a few. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know"

Why is this bad news for Bowe?

Because it appears he is lying. Only moments after I read that Bowe said he was misquoted, I stumbled upon this lovely article from The Pitch. You see The Pitch talked with ESPN The Magazine editor Gary Belsky and Belsky told them he is sure Bowe said every word that was quoted in the article.

Because they have it on tape.

Reporters don’t like when people they interviewed claim they were misquoted. It calls in to question the reputation of the reporter as well as the publication they write for. Meaning if Bowe keeps going around saying he didn’t say what he said, Belsky is likely to just go ahead and release the tape to protect the credibility of his magazine.

All Bowe had to say when questioned about the article by reporters was that he had no comment on the situation and was focusing on the upcoming season. That is it.

Instead, he is trying to deflect blame and it looks like all he is doing is digging himself in deeper.

So Dwayne, do yourself and everyone else a favor and just shut the heck up.