“The Sleeping Giant Awakes” The Best Of Arrowhead Adventures


Its a slow time of the year if your a Chiefs fan. The future is far away, and so is the past. Kind of a NFL purgatory we are in I guess. I get

through it by tapping into AA daily.

The new stuff is awesome, the old stuff just as good in my opinion as it ever was. A wise man once said that to forget the past is to repeat it. That always made a lot of sense to me.

Without further words, I’ll leave you with a post I made last year as the new season approached. Its a slow look back at a fond time when the future was bright for me and for our team. I hope you enjoy remembering it as much as I do.

The first preseason game is just around the corner, the smell of the 2009 Chiefs football season is in the air. Even the most seasoned fans have always looked down or away at the preseason games, and for plenty of good reasons. They don’t mean much, they don’t show us much, and as a result the attendance at Arrowhead is typically very low.

I guess I’ve just never been the typical fan. I actually look forward to the preseason.

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For me the preseason games are an opportunity to see Arrowhead in a different light. The pace is slow. The traffic is light. The hurried walk to the stadium is a casual stroll. Your not in a rush because there isn’t anything to miss. Many fans stay an hour and go home. Others arrive just before its over. Many never even go into the stadium they must mill about on the parking lot, having found that strolling around a warm August night is more entertaining that watching the game.

Sometimes I like to go to the preseason games alone. I can do what I want, when I want. I can talk to who I want, I can take a nap when I want, I can sit where I want, and with whoever I want. I can explore.

Preseason games offer opportunity and adventure you just can’t experience during the regular season.

At preseason games I’ve fallen asleep with a plate of a strangers hot wings on my lap under the stars. I’ve ridden around the lots in the back of a 4×4 with a crowd of rowdy fans I met an hour earlier, shouting and waving our jerseys at nothing in particular just happy to be alive for another season. I’ve played camel-back jousting with improvised weapons made from stolen Rams signs.

Once I looked at the rings of Saturn as the planet just peeked over the corner of the stadium from a telescope perched high on a RV roof.

I once played hide and seek with a bunch of fans that had driven down from Omaha, and it was great fun especially with a decent buzz going. I can remember two sets of long beautiful smooth Nebraska legs giggling as they wandered around a 4×4 my buddy and I were hiding under, pretending not to see us then scaring the crap out of us from the other side.

For those AA’s who think you might want to take in a preseason game this year my advice is simple. Make no plans. Have no agenda. Take no money. Go by yourself or go with an RV load. Play “Arrowhead Survivor”. Go into the city. Drive in the country. Wander.

Excuse the randomness of this post, its just a hodgepodge of memories and thoughts about a time of year when adventures and memories at Arrowhead drift by as casual as clouds across a clear Midwestern sky.