AA Evening Post: Rip The Faiders


Evening Addicts! Reader vbchiefs has been calling for this for a while and I promised him we would do it.

VB seems to think and I agree, that the Raiders need a new nickname. Thus, I have decided that over the next few evenings, we will throw out a few new nicknames to make fun of all the teams we love to hate. Heck, we spent time coming up with nicknames for Charles and Jones, why not the black hole that is the Oakland Faiders. We also need to meet our trash talking quota around here. We’ll do the Donks and the Dolts later this week.

I open the floor to you. Please keep it relatively clean. We don’t mind a little swearing around here but make sure it is funny! Also, please refrain from any inappropriate sexist or homophobic remarks. They are not welcome around here. Oh, and when the Raider troll show up and they will, ignore them.

I’ll get us started:

How we just refer to them as “The Jamrarcus Russels” for the rest of time. That name will reach Ryan Leaf fame in the bust department. Why not just call the Faiders after their biggest flop? They can even change their logo to a picture of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man in honor of Russel.