Reader Submission: Free Agents


From the Addict Posts. Reader Jeff throws out a couple of possibilities for the Chiefs in rookie free agency. With the Chiefs out of picks, this is a good conversation starter. There are still plenty of players out there. Is there anyone going undrafted you guys are interested in?

Good job, Jeff.

Probably like most Addicts I am concerned about the lack of attention the LB and NT positions were paid in the draft.  There were several players that the Chiefs passed on that were not only need positions but at the time represented value picks as well.  It would appear that the Chiefs still need to find some more players to make the team competivie.  So that leaves rookie free agency.  And even though the draft is not complete yet, I am hoping that these players are not selected and that the Chiefs at least considerer bringing in, if not the player at least the position.

At nose tackle, Jeff Owens.  He is short and that affects his weight (300), but he had the highest bench (44) at the combine.  And that is what the Chiefs need in the middle.  Someone who can hold the line and let the linebackers work.

Brandon Deaderick.  He was a linemate with Cody.  He has the size 6’4″ 315 to at least provide a body in the middle.

With both the ILB and OLB positions special teams skills has to be included when thinking about adding players.  Dekoda Watson (FSU), Jamar Chaney (MissSU), George Selvie (SFU) are all OLB who at least have the athleticism and college success to be worth a look.

What positions or players do others think we need to look at?