Paddy’s Live Draft Diary: Day 3


AA’s own Patrick Allen is in house at Radio City Music Hall and will be updating his Draft Diary with thoughts, observations and media all night long. Be sure to refresh the page and check for updates.

9:32 AM:

Joel Thorman got me drunk last night but I still managed to make it to day 3. (J/K). Getting set up for a loooong day. The Chiefs have only 2 picks today, both coming in the 5th round. I am a little disappointed. I was hoping they would trade around to collect extra picks but it has been the complete opposite.

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10:32 AM:

Still wondering if the Chiefs are going to try to get back into the 4th round. I am still shocked they haven’t taken a NT.

10:47 AM:

Raiders traded Morrison. Reminded me that the Chiefs might decide to move a player they feel they don’t need to get back in to the 4th round. Keep an eye out for that.

11:37 AM:

Looks like the Chiefs are going to stick with their 5th round selections. It does not appear they plan on moving up. Still some interesting players on the board. Cam Thomas and Dan LeFevour are circled on my list.

11:41 AM:

Just got a folder of Mr. Irrelevant information. Lots of good stuff on Ryan Succop.

11:49 AM:

Just texted NFL PR and offered to drop a $20 to announce the Chiefs next pick. Haven’t heard anything back. Maybe I should have offered more?

12:01 PM:

Chiefs pick is moments away. Here is a quick recap of the Chiefs pick so far:

* #5 Tennessee S Eric Berry;
* #36 Mississippi RB/WR Dexter McCluster;
* #50 Alabama CB Javier Arenas;
* #68 Illinois G Jon Asamoah; and,
* #93 Iowa TE Tony Moeaki.

1:17 PM:

Well it looks like the Chiefs are finished. Unless they decide to trade back in, the Chiefs 2010 Draft Class is set. The draft is far from over though. I will be live blogging the rest of the day bringing you my thoughts, observations and so forth. Keep it here.

2:12 PM:

Had a little lunch and didn’t miss much. I have been trying to keep an eye on the Chiefs draft table to see if there is any activity. Thus far all seems normal. Those guys must be really bored. They will sit there until the draft is over just in case Scott Pioli trades back in and they are needed to make the selection.

The mood here at Radio City has calmed down a bit. There are still plenty of fans but the enthusiasm has died down a bit. Most of the guys being taken now do not have recognizable names. Sometimes a pick will draw a small cheer or boo and sometimes not a sound.

2:34 PM:

The guy the NFL has here doing on the spot fan interviews and such, who billed himself on Thursday night as “The Voice of the NFL,” is a total ass. All he has been doing all weekend is trying to make fans look stupid during interviews. He asked one guy a question and while the guy was trying to answer he went on joking about how the guy was “scaring all the women away.” The problem with this guy is he isn’t funny or entertaining at all so basically all he is doing is walking around acting like an asshole and treating people like crap. The last straw for me was just a few minutes ago when he was interviewing the Eagles cheerleaders on stage. First, he asked a girl what her favorite breakfast cereal is. WTF does that have to do with anything? That is something you ask a kindergartner on the first day of school when you are trying to teach them social skills. Then he asked the 3rd girl who the Eagles picked with their first selection.

Why does this piss me off? Because the question was specifically designed to make her look like a moron if she didn’t know. He didn’t ask her what she thought of the pick, he just said, “who did they pick?” It came off as this guy trying to see if this dumb cheerleader even knew who her team took with their first pick. Unfortunately, this poor girl didn’t know and must have been horrified. The whole thing was mean spirited and unnecessary.

The NFL has done a fantastic job with the 2010 Draft. I have had a blast and the effort and care put in to this new 3 day format and they have taken very good care of the press.

That being said, next year, they need to leave the jerk with the microphone out.


The Saints are about to make the last regular pick. Now the compensatory draft picks will roll out culminating with the selection of Mr. Irrelevant by the Detroit Lions. It has been a long, long weekend and I am totally exhausted. Going to go home and take it easy for the rest of the evening. Will keep an eye on any major news for you. I really hope you guys enjoyed AA’s coverage this weekend. I want to thank the staff for working extra hard and all the readers who stopped by and commented and joining us in the chats. We’ll have a lot to talk about in the coming weeks with rookie free agent signings and mini camps. I’ll have my final thoughts sometime on Sunday but I do believe the Chiefs have gotten a lot better.

Cheers folks!