Adam’s Draft Apples (Round Two)


This is gonna be a quickie compared to the past, but I definitely wanted to jump on here on offer up my thoughts on round two. Paddy and I were just chatting, and I think we agree that the Chiefs should trade up and acquire a third second-round pick even if it costs us our third rounder (and more). Why? Because there’s three players in the second round the Chiefs really need.

1. OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas

It is a joke that this guy is still on the board. He’d rack up double-digit sacks for us next year guaranteed.I think he’s the best player available, and I hope that the rush to get Clausen and McCoy allows him to slip. I would trade up three picks to get him if we had to. He’s that talented.

2. WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame

The next DeSean Jackson? Maybe. With the Weiss connection and the obvious fit in the slot he’s a no-brainer. We need a field-stretcher, and he’s a perfect fit.

3. NT Terrence Cody, Alabama

There are some folks who think Cody, not Dan Williams, is the best NT in this draft. He could really make the 3-4 click for us as our anchor in the middle.

We get these three guys, hell, maybe even two of the three, and I think we are the favorites to win the AFC West. After a night of reflection, I think our O-line isn’t too bad. Ryan Lilja solidifies a line that gelled during the season’s second half, and Thomas Jones is an excellent blocker as well. Keep an eye on these three players.