Redskins Targeting Berry?


Multiple sources are reporting that the Redskins are going to take Eric Berry and not a tackle.

Don’t believe a word of it. You can’t trust anything you read or hear right now. If Scott Pioli called me up on the phone and told me himself who the Chiefs were going to take, I wouldn’t believe him.

It is smoke screen time right now and all the teams are out there trying to confuse each other.

Just as recently as last week the Redskins were putting out word that they were going to draft a QB. It is all a load of bull.They are putting things out there to try to encourage teams to call them to trade back. We have also been hearing this week that the Eagles are interested in trading up with the Chiefs to nab Berry. This rumor, of course, could have been put out by the CHiefs themselves, hoping someone would call them to trade back. Washington may have heard this and is putting out that they are interested in Berry so the Eagles trade up with them instead…but the Eagles may not be interested in moving up at all as the rumor may have been put out by the Chiefs!

You cross eyed, yet? Get my meaning?

The time for speculation is through. Business is about to pick up.

I will report to you any inside info I am hearing when I get to Radio City today shortly after 4:30 EST. I will be tweeting info to AA’s Twitter so follow us their for instant news.  Also be sure to follow my Draft Diary on the main page of AA and join Merlin and the staff for our live draft chat at 7 EST, 6 Arrowhead time.

Have fun everyone!