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Reader Submission: 2010 Chiefs Draft Board


Note: This is the 2nd time I am posting Marshall’s board. It being draft day, I wanted you guys to know as much about as many players as possible. =)

One great feature we have here at Arrowhead Addict is our Forums section. In particular, the Addict Posts is a chance for you to write your own blogs about the Chiefs. It has been slow goings in the Addict Posts but business is starting to pick up. Exemplary Addict Posts always have the potential to be promoted to the main page and that is what is happening here.

Reader Marshall has put together a draft board. I highly recommend checking out this post and educating yourself on some players you may not know much about but that could be Chiefs by this time next week. Marshall obviously put a lot of work into this so give him your thoughts.

Good work, Marshal! Thanks for contributing!

From reader Marshal Cheek in the Addict Posts Forum:

This draft board doesn’t exactly have all of the best players, it just has all of the players that i think would fit the chiefs system on both offense and defense. even some players that might fit the chiefs but that aren’t good enough in my opinion, have been left off. also, players of positions that we dont need to draft, have been left off of this list. the scouting reports are a shortened version of CBS’s scouting reports. also, some positions, (like WR) don’t list the top players. for example, since i dont think we should draft a WR in the 1st round, i didnt list any 1st round WRs


-stats are most recent season, except Myron Rolle
(projected round is in parenthesis)
Comparable NFL player is listed below some of the scouting reports
* = guys I really like


*John Skelton – Fordham
6’5” 245 lbs
101.0 rating
64.4 comp %
3713 yds
26 tds
10 ints
Progressed well through college. Great accuracy, great arm strength, but forces too much and sometimes throws off back foot. Has above average college experience under center, quick release. Agile, avoids big hits, throws very well on the run. Has the work ethic and intelligence to be an NFL starter. Little to no risk for injuries
Ben Roethlisberger

Matt Nichols – E. Washington
6’2” 220 lbs
109.7 rating
65.1 comp %
3830 yds
33 tds
6 ints
4.8 speed
Progressed very well through college and did a great job recovering from a terrible 1st year.

Tim Hiller – W Michigan
6’5” 230 lbs
83.0 rating
60.1 comp%
3,258 yds
23 tds
13 ints
4.9 speed
4 year starter, good accuracy, decent arm strength but floats some passes. Works well under center and from shotgun. Quick release, good decision making skills but sometimes tries to force too much. Somewhat mobile. Hard worker, studious, tough. Some durability issues
Kyle Orton


Willie Rose – Fl Atlantic
6’1” 225lbs
4.6 speed
Good receiver, good blocker, rushing FB
L’ron McClain


Brandon Lafell – LSU
6’3” 205 lbs
4.6 speed
57 cth
11 tds
Great route runner, great hands, very physical, good YAC, long arms, big hands, good blocker, occasional drops.
Anquan Boldin

Andre Roberts – Citadel
5’11” 190 lbs
4.4 speed
77 cth
792 yds
7 tds
Returns kicks, great hands, great route runner, elusive, not great blocker but its not from lack of trying, hard worker, coachable

Jordan Shipley – Texas
6’0” 190 lbs
4.4 speed
116 cth
1485 yds
13 tds
Good hands, returns kicks. Prototypical slot receiver. Decent route runner. Works well over the middle. Decent blocker. Good leader.
Brandon Stokley

Jeremy Williams – Tulane
6’1” 205 lbs
4.5 speed
84 cth
1113 yds
7 tds
NFL starter potential, but probably #2. Good hands deep, but body catches too much on cross routes, and lacks concentration on quick hits as he tries to make a play before securing the ball. Best route runner in draft. Great blocker. Good for YAC.
Hines Ward

Antonio Brown – Central Michigan
5’10” 180 lbs
110 cth
1198 yds
9 tds
4.4 speed
Good hands, decent route runner, tough, coachable. Bad blocker. Will be a good slot receiver.

*Freddie Barnes – Bowling Green
6’1” 205 lbs
4.6 speed
155 cth
1770 yds
19 tds
Good hands, good route runner. Versatile weapon cause he started as a QB (although a terrible one)

Kerry Meier – KU
6’3” 220
4.6 speed
102 cth
985 yds
8 tds
Solid hands, great route runner although it needs fine tuning, strong, good YAC, avg blocker
Matt Jones


*Dennis Pitta – BYU
6’5” 250 lbs
62 cth
829 yds
8 tds
4.7 speed
Good vertical, good hands, good route runner, decent blocker, leader, tough, smart, o-line strong
Chase Coffman

Dorin Dickerson – Pitt
6’2” 230 lbs
49 cth
529 yds
10 tds
4.4 speed
44” vert
Good hands, deep threat but doesn’t run short routes well, average blocker.

Cody Slate – Marshall
6’4” 225lbs
4.6 speed
50 cth
607 yds
4 tds
4 year starter


*Russell Okung – Okla St
6’6” 305 lbs
Long arms, best OL in draft, nfl ready. 4 year starter, moves well with good instincts in pass block. Latches on well. Very coachable. Good pass blocker, decent run blocker. Very quick and has fantastic footwork, very strong upper body
D’Brickashaw Ferguson

Trent Williams – OU
6’5” 310 lbs
Great pass blocker, great run blocker. Hard worker, tough. Has trouble picking up the blitz. Insanely athletic, very agile and quick
Jamaal Brown

Jason Fox – Miami
6’6” 315 lbs
Good pass blocker, insane run blocker. Not very strong.

Selvish Capers – WVU
6’5” 300 lbs
Awesome pass blocker, good run blocker. Decent footwork. Will probably move to guard. Quick
Maurice Williams

*Kyle Calloway – Iowa
6’7” 315 lbs
Good pass blocker, flawless run blocker. Tough, durable, lots of upside.
Marc Colombo

Adam Ulatoski – Texas
6’6” 310 lbs
Good pass blocker, good run blocker, good footwork, long arms

Derek Hardman – E Kent
6’5” 305 lbs
Great pass blocker, good run blocker, good footwork, hard worker, coachable, has a nasty streak where he pancakes defenders

Chris Marinelli – Stanford
6’7” 300 lbs
Good pass blocker, insane run blocker, good leader, smart


*Mike Iupati –  Idaho
6’5” 325 lbs
Dominant pass and run blocker, very agile, a LOT of potential

Mike Johnson – Bama
6’6” 305 lbs
Very good pass blocker, good but inconsistent run blocker. Smart, very versatile, big motor.
Justin Smiley

Brandon Carter – Texas Tech
6’7” 355 lbs
Will automatically be the biggest guard in the NFL. Plays with maximum intensity and passion. True leader. Great anchor
Kyle Turley


*Maurkice Pouncey – Florida
6’5” 320 lbs
Dominant pass and run blocker, quick, smart, good leader
Keven Mawae

Matt Tennant – BC
6’5” 300 lbs
Good pass blocker, decent run blocker, NFL ready, good shotgun and pro set snapper. Needs to add mass.

Eric Olsen – Notre Dame
6’4” 310 lbs
Awesome pass blocker, decent run blocker, moderate footwork, very aggressive, great leader, doesn’t allow many sacks. Charlie Weis loves him and will probably draft him


*Ndomukong Suh – Nebraska
6’4” 300lbs
5.0 speed
82 tack
12 sacks
1 int
“do-it-all” D lineman, big time motor, puts a lot of pressure on QB. Run stopper as well. Wraps up very well with his long arms.
Richard Seymour

CJ Wilson – E Carolina
6’3” 285 lbs
4.8 speed
52 tack
5 sacks
Good hands, good upper body strength, solid tackler, hard hitter


*Dan Williams – Tenn
6’3” 330 lbs
5.2 speed
62 tack
2 sacks
Ideal skill set for 3-4 DT. Very strong, decent pass rusher. Hands down best run stopper in draft. Hard hitter, bull rusher, low center of gravity.
Casey Hampton


*Rolando McClain – Bama
6’4” 260lbs
4.6 speed
105 tack
4 sacks
1 FF
2 INTs
Hard hitter, good coverage, good pass rush, sheds blocks, leader, lots of 3-4 experience. Continually progressed well in college year after year
Bart Scott

Jerry Hughes – TCU
6’3” 255 lbs
4.6 speed
58 tack
11 sacks
Very athletic. Big motor. Forces fumbles. Very good tackler. Wraps up very well. Decent coverage skills. Great work ethic, very coachable.
James Harrison

Jermaine Cunningham – Florida
6’3” 250 lbs
4.6 speed
29 tack
7 sacks
1 ff
Awesome pass rusher, decent run stopper, long and strong arms, wraps up well, forces fumbles, great leader. Not hard hitter.
Jarvis Moss

Willie Young – NC State
6’4” 250 lbs
4.8 speed
54 tack
8 sacks
1 int
Awesome pass rusher, decent run stopper.
Manny Lawson


*Eric Berry – Tenn
5’11” 205 lbs
4.3 speed
43” vert
83 tack
1 ff
2 ints
Very agile, good instincts, reads QB well, good tackler, nfl ready, great recovery speed, hard hitter, wraps up well, elite range, good run stopper, versatile, tough, good work ethic.
Ed Reed

*Taylor Mays – USC
6’3” 235lbs
4.4 speed
41” vert
88 tack
1 int
INSANELY hard hitter, very aggressive. Great diagnostic skills. Doesn’t allow big plays. Good in man coverage and zone coverage. Great recovery skills. Great open field tackler. Very raw talent with a good possibility to be a bust
Sean Taylor

Nate Allen – USF
6’2” 205 lbs
4.5 speed
80 tack
5 ints
1 ff
Good recovery speed.  Decent man coverage, great zone coverage. Good big play prevention. Explosive, reliable in-the-box tackler. Hard worker
Brodney Pool

*Myron Rolle – Florida State
6’2” 215 lbs
4.5 speed
62 tack
Crazy smart Rhoades Scholar, likes to make the sure wrap up tackle rather than make a big hit. Decent man coverage, fantastic zone coverage, good anticipatory skills, stays in position, sound open field tackler, good run stopper. Not very fast
Tank Williams

Kick Returners from this board  (with career touchdowns)

Jordan Shipley – 4 tds
Antonio Brown – 5 tds
Andre Roberts – 7 tds