My Chief Concerns: Don’t Go It Alone and My Last Prediction


“The draft is the single most fascinating aspect of pro football for the fan.  It creates the spark and the hope and the desire to go see your team”.   Lamar Hunt

Finally, it is here! What a great week this is going to be for Arrowheadaddict.  The NFL schedule is coming (or has come) out; a prime time NFL draft is in order, and our very own, hard working, Patrick Allen will be at the actual draft with the live inside scoop.

If you’re like me, (a true freaking Chief fan and NFL fan), you watch the draft, every single minute of it, all day, all weekend and have done so for years.  I started watching every minute of the NFL draft back in 1999 when we drafted John Tait at number 14.  Remember 1999?  I haven’t missed one draft in the last 10 years; (how many total hours is that?)

I have to say that over the years watching the draft, (especially when we picked late), was excruciatingly exciting.  It was so very difficult to predict who would be there when we selected.  The last couple of years have been different since we have been selecting so early (ugh!). But no matter where we selected, or who we selected, one thing rang true for this “out of market Chief fan” (and it might sound familiar to you): I watched it alone.

Not this year.  There is absolutely no need for me, or you, to go it alone.

Again, our lead blogger Patrick Allen will be reporting from the NFL draft; fellow lead blogger Andrew “The Crock Pot” Crocker will be active posting as much material as he can; our residential draft guru Merlin will be moderating our “cover it live” chat and I, Patrick, Andrew, and Double D will be chiming in, along with you, throughout the three day event.  Last, but not least, my favorite AA writer, Randy, will be at the Chiefs Draft Party and will report in (after the draft) with pictures and happenings of the draft day party as only Randy can.  All of this in an effort to allow you to ask questions, comment, complain, commiserate, and/or cheer.

AA is offering a unique way for you to experience the draft like never before.  You will be able to share the event with Chief fans from all over the country/world, but only if you utilize it.  We know that many of you visit the site and have not registered or commented.  This is the week that you should.

As far as my last prediction before the draft: the last time the Chiefs traded out of a spot and let someone take a safety was Troy Palomalu.  It won’t happen again.  The Chiefs will not be willing to trade and will take arguably the best player in the draft, the best player at his position, a serious position of need, one without risk, and a player with no character issues:  (FS) Eric Berry.   Big contract and all.

I am Berry Berry excited, are you?