Lombardi: Chiefs “really trying, to move down”


This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone but the Chiefs are trying to move out of the number 5 spot in the first round, at least according to Michael Lobardi of Nation Football Post:

"5.Kansas City: The Chiefs are trying, and I mean really trying, to move down. My sources tell me they’ll be willing to go down as far as 15 for the right deal because they feel they can find a player in that range. They want to move badly and might be able to if they can convince a team to move up and get ahead of Cleveland to acquire Clausen. The reality for the Chiefs and the rest of the NFL is that Cleveland won’t pick Clausen."

I have been talking about this for a while. The Chiefs have a number of holes and the more of them they can fill in this draft, the better. One way to help them do so, is to acquire as many picks as possible and depending on who they trade with, the Chiefs can probably get and extra 2nd rounder and possibly more, for the 5th overall pick.

While it is no secret that Scott Pioli likes to trade back, what this does tell us is that the Chiefs are not overly obsessed with any of the players in the early part of the 1st round. This doesn’t mean that Eric Berry isn’t coming to Kansas City on Thursday but it does mean the Chiefs don’t want him so bad they won’t give him up for more picks.

This is a deep draft and with all the holes on KC’s roster, the Chiefs are just as likely to get an impact player at a position of need in the middle of the 1st round as they are in the top 5.

Stay tuned, Addicts. It should be a wild night Thursday.