“But I can’t see Pioli doing it.”


That’s it. That’s the reasoning I keep running into again and again from knowledged Chiefs bloggers all over the internet when talking about the Kansas City Chiefs possibly drafting Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen, protege of the team’s new offensive coordinator, Charlie Weis. Not that the Chiefs shouldn’t do it, but that they won’t.

The most maddening example comes from an otherwise great article by Michael Ash at Warpaint Illustrated:

"Someone might say “If Cassel plays badly, can’t we just draft a quarterback next year?” That’s certainly a possibility. But it’s also possible that the Chiefs won’t find themselves in a position to do so.The 2010 schedule has seven games against teams that are picking in the top 10 of this year’s draft. Even if Cassel doesn’t play any better, the easier schedule alone might account for a few extra wins. That could push the Chiefs’ first-round draft pick past the point where the top quarterbacks are taken. […]So will Pioli take any steps to avoid this potential disaster? Much like San Diego did a few years ago with Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, the Chiefs could draft a quarterback, sit him, and see what happens with the incumbent starter.But I can’t see Pioli doing it."

The refrain won’t stop. The logic is there for the pick but Pioli won’t take Clausen because he simply won’t do it. Pioli passed on Sanchez. Pioli didn’t make a play for Quinn. Pioli won’t do it.

I don’t care. There are picks that make sense for this team, there are picks I can live with, there are picks that I can be happy with. But nothing does this team more good for the longest amount of time than bringing in Jimmy Clausen.

And this drumbeat of mine is not going to stop in the days leading up to the Draft.